Thursday, August 29, 2013

Movies I Watched This Summer

1. Ted
2. True Grit
3. Silence of the Lambs
4. 42
5. Lawless
6. World War Z
7. The Excorsist
8. The Fugitive
9. The American Scream
10. American Gangster

Oedipus the King Answers

Oedipus the King Questions:
1. Oedipus is not responsible for his fate in the play because he could not have foreseen that his wife would also be his mother. His fate was made before he was born when the oracle told King Laius that if he had a son his son would kill him.
2. Oedipus is a good king in the sense that he looks out for the well being of Thebes and wants to find the cause of the famine. However, he does not hold himself accountable for the suffering of his people and is very blind to the fact that he clearly killed King Laius which caused the city's suffering.
3. Oedipus's disregard for his predicted fate caused him to be disgraced because he ignored the oracle and instead chose the naive path of becoming King of Thebes, when he should have instead lived a life of a recluse in which he would not have been able to be disgraced.
4. John Anderton has the same situation as Oedipus because both want to escape their destiny, but are ultimately unable to. The scene of the ball rolling off the table illustrates how humans will ultimately face their destiny. The same idea is shown when John accidentally kills Leo Crowe even though it is by accident, it was John's fate to kill him.
A. The eyes are used to predict the future which people believe keeps them safe.
B. John's eyes are used to show how his past has influenced him and how he wants to desperately live the future like the past.
C. The eyes in the world of the film represent freedom and life as those who are haloed are kept in prison and the blind man is forced to live as a drug dealer.
6. People believe they are unable to escape their fates because they are born into the life that they will live. Also, the government is trying to act preemptively before crime occurs however while doing this freedom is curtailed. In 44 years everything will be watched which will result in a loss of freedoms. By preparing for future events we are more likely to live a life of acting before events happen.