Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Chapter 1

Parallel:"why is it you rush the net only after dark"(13) is similar to "what do you look like... I'm dark"(7). This parallel illustrates that Brenda is only willing to be with Neil secretely after dark so other people don't make judgements of her being with someone of a lower class.
Contrast: "What am I, a work horse"(5) contrasts "If you workerd hard you'd drink more"(5). This contrast illustrates how Neil's mother is very demanding that he works harder when she actually does not work very hard.
Props: Glasses
Dresser with broken leg
Tennis Racquet
White Polo Shirt

The glasses are the reason Neil meets Brenda and when he gave her them she was given vision. This vision he gave her is symbolic of the way she views people of lower classes differently from other people in Short Hills.

Class Consciousness:
"I have a refrigerator full of grapes I have to get rid of"(6).
This illiustrates how the people of Newark cannot waste any food because they are not as wealthy as the people who live in Short Hills.
"I'll be driving a tan Plymouth. So you'll know me. How will I know you"(8).
This illustrates how Neil is enterning a different society because his car is older and because of that he feels out of place. He has no way of knowing who Brenda is because she fits right in with everyone else.

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