Friday, February 7, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Chapter 2

Pool Umbrella
Square Red Blanket

The peach illustras how Neil compares empathizes with Carlota because she is eating peaches and his Aunt Gladys has a fridgerator full of peaches.

Class Consciousness: "I could not shake from my elephant's brain that she-still-thinks we-live-in-Newark remark"(26). Neil is upset by the comment because Brenda's mom is only concerned with money when it comes to items of luxury, not like Neil who has to be concerned with food and other factors of poverty.

Parallel: "He ate three helpings of salad, Ron had four, Brenda and Julie had two, and only Mrs. Patimkin and I had one each"(21) is similar to "Aunt Gladys always has an abundance of the other jamming her refrigerator"(6).  This parallel highlights how even though Brenda and Neil are from different classes, they both have an abundance of food showing that they aren't all that different from one another.

Contrast: "We did not eat in the kitchen; rather, the six of us... sat around the dining room table"(21) contrasts "Should I serve four different meals at once"(4). This illustrates how Brenda's family has more of a close relationship because they spend time together, unlike Neil's family that eats seperately.

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