Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Chapter 4

Gauguin Book
Brenda's Blue Bathing Suit
Lions Club Ashtray
Bowl of Cherries
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Class Consciousness:
"I lived over a store I wasn't ashamed. Thank God we always had a roof. We never went begging in the streets"(57). Aunt Gladys is worried that Neil spending more time with Brenda will change his attitude toward people of lower classes, and that he will forget that he is not from a family of wealth.

"I would find red marks on the undersides of my feet"(56) is similar to "I thought I saw awe in those red-rimmed hysterical eyes"(57). The red illustrates how Neil is spending more time with the upper class and how Aunt Gladys is jealous of his increasing class.

"And when she passed on to her mother the decision of Patimkin Sink, there wan't much Mrs. Patimkin could do"(56) contrasts "Shut up and eat. 'A little less talking young lady"(24). This highlights how Mrs. Patimkin has lost some power over Brenda as she becomes more independent with Neil and spends less time with her family.

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