Sunday, February 16, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Chapter 6

Ohio State Athletic Association Shirt
Mrs. Patimkin's Invitation List
Big O Blanket
Yellow Dress

The blanket symbolizes Neil's aspirations for his life with Brenda. The first time he sees the blanket he does not sit on it, but when he does sit down with Brenda on it he shares with her his plan for their future which includes Brenda getting a diaphragm.

Class Consciousness:
"What do you mean what? You'll find out. You'll stay there too long you'll be too good for us"(76).
This illustrates how Aunt Gladys believes the more Neil spends time with the upper class, the less time he will spend with his family.

"She was the best Hebrew student I've ever seen... but then, of course, she got too big for her britches"(89) is similar to "Harriet appeared, and Brenda's mother lifted one wing and pulled the girl in towards the warm underpart of her body, where Brenda herself would have liked to nestle"(83).
This illustrates how Brenda's mother does not embrace her because she feels that Brenda did not live up to her expectations, and Brenda's mother believes that Harriet can fulfill her expectations of a daughter.

"let the purple eyes stop peering and just look out at the world for a while without judging"(87) contrasts "Mrs. Patimkin began, but then she remembered me- with a crushing side glance from those purple eyes"(62).
This highlights how Mrs. Patimkin has warmed up to Brenda a small amount because she has stopped viewing her with dissapproval.

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