Monday, February 10, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Chapter 3

Cement Lions
Gauguin Picture Book
Brenda's Dress
Refridgerator Filled with Fruit
Chrysler Car

The cement lions illustrate the racial divide between blacks and whites in Newark because the black boy is not afraid of the lions that are standing guard outside the library, and Neil's friend is worried when the boy comes into the library.

Class Consciousness: "You know the way they treat the housing projects we give them"(35). John's view highlights how he believes that he is of a better class that is burdened with having to help blacks in Newark.

Parallel: "We'll be right back... You have to sit with Julie. Carlota's off"(38) is similar to "Carlota, give Ronald more"(22). This illustartes how both Carlota and are treated worse as they are not even asked to do things with a "please" used.

Contrast: "That wasn't fair, Neil. My shoelace came untied. Can I take it- No"(45) contrasts when Neil was told he couldn't take it over: "Can I take it again? No"(29). This illustrates how Neil understands how to compete with Julie by trying very hard to beat her at ping pong, which upsets her because she is used to being a winner.

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