Thursday, February 13, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Chapter 5

Khaki Bermudas
Sixty-Watt Bulb
Andre Kostelanetz Record
Goodbye Columbus Record

The Goodbye Columbus record illustrates the divide that Neil feels between himself and the upper class. He takes the words from the song and applies them to a dream in which he feels that he is being forced to leave a beautiful island, and instead has to spend time with the boy talking about a library card.

Class Consciousness:
"And you think the world owes you a living... You ought to earn some money and buy your own clothes"(65).
This illustrates how Mrs. Patimkin feels that Brenda does not understand the real world because she has never had to have a job and has never needed to worry about money.

"When's the last time you lifted a finger to help me around here? 'I'm not a slave"(64) is similar to "I'm not going to hold them. Put them down. I'm not her slave"(15). This illustrates how children in the Patimkin family associate work with being a servant. This also shows how naive they are in believing that helping out makes them a servant.

"Her knees and Bermudas were dirty and when she pushed her back she dirtied her forehead"(67) contrasts "There were two wet triangles on the back of her tiny-collared polo shirt"(11).
This illustrates how Brenda is behaving not as cleanly as she was raised when she goes searching for the money so she can destroy it, out of spite for her mother.

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